Second Chance Summer

Taylosecond chance summer.jpgr Edwards has a tendency to run away when things get tough. But when her father receives unexpected, terrible news, Taylor knows this is one situation she can’t outrun.

To have one last summer together, Taylor’s parents decide to take the family back to their old lake house in the Poconos. Even though Taylor was twelve the last time she went to Lake Phoenix, the people she left behind are still there – like her former best friend Lucy, who’s still hurting from a long-ago betrayal, and her first crush Henry, who’s gotten five years cuter. 

With night full of fireflies and fireworks, the summer holds the possibility of forgiveness, and maybe even love. Taylor wants to hold on to the moment instead of walking away, but she knows the end of the summer is getting closer – and that time is running out to make the most of her second chance. 

Loved this story! It is a bitter-sweet story which was written wonderfully. I am speechless. I am hurting but still I feel happiness.

I won’t tell much about this because I would like you to read it! Go! Read it!

It is indeed a story of second chances. Second chances for friendship and Second chances for love…

This is a story about forgiveness, friendship, love and family.

LESSON LEARNED: Don’t run away. Just Stay. Face your problems.


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