We Were Liars

we-were-liarsWe are liars…

We are beautiful and privileged…

We are cracked and broken…

A tale of love and romance…

A tale of tragedy…

 Which are lies?

Which is truth? You decide.

This story is about the Sinclair family; every summer, they get together and spend it in their private island off the coast of Massachusetts. The first chapter of the book will give you the idea that this family is perfect but later on, you’ll realize that this family is so so broken…

This story is narrated by Cady (Cadence Sinclair Eastman), she gives the readers the idea on her family, then on the Sinclairs and what part of the Island they live — pretty much everything that readers need to know about the Sinclairs. She also tells the story of her and Gat (nephew of her aunt’s new husband) and of course her cousins, Mirren and Johnny. According to Cady, they were called “the liars”.

Everything changed after a tragedy that happened on the Island, Cady cannot remember anything before the accident (Summer 15). Next summer (summer 16) after the accident, she was not able to go back to the Island (she needs to go to a trip with her dad) — which caused her to wonder if there is something that they are not telling her, or is there something that happened as to why her mom avoids bringing her back to the Island. She then did not forget to contact Mirren, Johnny and Gat through e-mail.

The next summer (Summer 17), when Cady went back to the Island, she noticed the difference. The main house was rebuilt and there was something different in the way the members of the family treat each other. She still spends time with Mirren, Johnny and Gat and this is the summer where she slowly remembers what happened in Summer15.

While I was reading this book, there are instances that everything seems normal, but there is like an untold story behind the lines. There are a lot of figures of speech used which for me, made it more interesting.

I also like the fairytales – how they are related to the story of the Sinclairs.

When Cady went back to the Island after the accident, I know something was off, I just could not tell immediately what was it. When reading this book, you’ll find yourself constantly asking questions — why?? what?? how???

I was really not expecting the twist, I was surprised and was totally devastated!! This book was brilliantly narrated. It is definitely a story of lies.

“Silence is a protective coating over pain..”





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